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My Creation Story

Coming from the depths of the deep quiet…




Being, becoming unearthed as the buried rare white truffles


Getting under your skin


My Mid-winter background colors;

Smokey Grey blues

Delicious round warm Brown plums

Flesh like Beige blush tinged rosepink

Grayed chartreuse

Blackened greens


From the passionate viscosity of living life…unconstricted.

From allowing the monsters, my wild monsters….aliens ,my close whispering aliens…

from the rich scented perfumed earth and soil….

From the formation of moisture into dew  

Coming from an internal stretch….reaching …to tinsel strength.

And knowing  connectedness ….clarity of the soft vision…


Concretizing into  focus…

 Of shape and  form , color and texture then into use-useable objects beauty for all democratic design available.

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